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my mission

My mission is to empower women to live more authentic, intentional lives by providing transformational coaching experiences, workshops, and retreats. I do what I do because I value vulnerability, purpose, connection, and service.

my vision

My vision is to positively impact society through the ideas and actions of empowered women in passionate pursuit of their purpose. I believe healthy, happy, and healed women become the world-changers we desperately need.

Chrissy provides a safe space for women to get vulnerable, own their story, and create a new narrative where deep, lasting transformation occurs and your life’s purpose may be fulfilled. She is a heart warrior, ready to help you embrace your truest self and live the life you’ve been craving!


meet your coach   Chrissy Soileau

My Story

Hi, friends!


My name is Chrissy Soileau. I’m a wife of fourteen years and a mom to two spirited little boys. Before I became a stay-at-home mom, I was a high school English and creative writing teacher. I spent my summers (and a large part of the school year) providing professional development to other teachers, as well as leading several adult and young adult writing retreats, workshops, summer courses, and camps. I LOVED my work, but once I had my boys (they’re only 11 months apart!), I had to make some changes. The transition from “work-a-holic” educator to struggling and anxious SAHM to two babies affected my identity and purpose greatly. I’ll admit it – no amount of mascara or dry shampoo could mask the tears I was crying and the many ways I was losing myself, all while desperately trying to give my BEST guys their BEST life.

The stresses of motherhood and weight issues related to emotional eating led me to join a gym in January of 2012. There, I found a nursery that would take care of my babies for two hours a day (haha!) and my PASSION for helping others reach their health and fitness goals. I did those dreaded burpees, lost 70 lbs, and found my TRIBE. For the next four years, while my boys were at Mother’s Day Out, I spent my time doing weight loss and health consults, accountability coaching, and eventually working at my gym as a fitness instructor and group challenge leader. I also worked my way up to the top 1% in a direct sales supplement company, leading a team of over 700 women. Determined to offer the best guidance possible to my team and future clients, I earned an official health and wellness coaching certification from the Become a Health Coach Institute in 2017. I felt like I had found a new calling, but when my gym closed suddenly and my tribe dispersed, I found my world rocked again. Enter Identity Crisis #2.

This time, as things felt like they were falling apart, I responded differently. I took a timeout to really listen to my heart and ask myself what I actually wanted. I prayed. I reflected. I stayed open to being led somewhere new. Then one day over coffee, a friend mentioned a local life coaching school to me and everything began to fall into place. One thing I had learned from working with hundreds of women attempting to lose weight while managing the demands of motherhood, marriage, career, school, etc., was that their weight issues had less to do with knowing what to eat and how to exercise and more to do with living in constant overwhelm from carrying the weight of their responsibilities and expectations. I was already in the process of digging deeper into my own personal challenges to understand what behaviors and thought patterns had affected my health and happiness over the years, and now I had an opportunity to learn proven strategies that could prompt significant change for people. I enrolled in two different life coaching schools, immersed myself in those studies, completed hundreds of hours of supervised coaching, and am now ready to make a difference in the lives of my friends, family, and community.

I’m on a mission to help women of all ages build their confidence and remember their worth. We will break the bonds of codependency, perfectionism, and people-pleasing in order to live more authentic, intentional lives. We’ll determine your core values, eliminate limiting beliefs, and implement new behaviors that promote full mind, body, and spirit alignment so that your truest self can emerge. I offer a safe space for you to get vulnerable, own your story, and create a new narrative where deep, lasting transformation occurs and your life’s purpose may be fulfilled. You deserve the big, beautiful life you’ve been craving! I would be honored to help you live it. 

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