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what is life coaching?

Life coaching establishes a professional relationship between coach and client, where the client can explore his or her thoughts, feelings, and behaviors free from judgment, criticism, or shame.


As your coach, I’ll provide a safe space for you to answer the following questions:

  • What do you value and find matters most in life?

  • Do you have blocks, insecurities, or disempowering beliefs?

  • Are you self-aware and taking responsibility for your thoughts and actions? 

  • What in life would you like to do differently?

  • What knowledge, skills, and practices would help you live your BEST life?

Answering these questions will reveal what’s going well in your life and where you might like to see improvement. This allows us to not only embrace and celebrate what’s working for you, but also to ensure past hurts and current habits aren’t sabotaging your future health, happiness, and success. Next, using transformational coaching methods, we’ll address each area of concern, equipping you with the mindset, skills, and belief system necessary for a more empowered way of being. Together, we’ll co-create plans and solutions that result in the personal and/or professional life your mind, body, and spirit craves.

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I have coaching packages and memberships for short-term and long-term programs.


Crave Coaching offers a full range of coaching options to accommodate your personal development needs.

what is health coaching?

When it comes to health coaching, the process is very similar.

We discuss lifestyle factors such as:

  • Nutrition

  • Physical Activity

  • Stress and Energy Levels

  • Sleep

  • Supplementation

  • Self-Care

  • Body Image

Once we’ve taken inventory of your current health and wellness practices, we can address the components that would lead you to a healthier, higher-functioning version of yourself. My goal as your health coach is to help you identify sabotaging behaviors, eliminate destructive belief systems, establish better habits, and cultivate a healthy relationship with food, movement, and self. I hold you accountable to treating yourself with the utmost care and respect. I’m also here to connect you to the resources and professionals who can best serve your nutritional and physical needs if they are beyond my scope of practice. Coaches do not treat or diagnose medical conditions, but we can be your advocate and a part of your professional support team as you work toward your health and wellness goals.

New to Crave Coaching?  Book a Discovery Session!

One-time Discovery Session -- $40

This is a 90 min. consult to determine if I’m the right coach for you. Consider this a safe space to share your story, identify core needs and values, set goals, and co-create an action plan. Coaching package details and membership options will also be discussed.


Discovery sessions are non-refundable and must be paid in full prior to your appointment via PayPal, cash, or check. Re-scheduling is allowed.

Call (337) 303-4351 or email to book an appointment!​

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